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Sound of Soul

in Cyprus

Activate the healer within yourself!

Your Heart plays your Music!

Inner balance should not be achieved through artificially generated sounds and music, but through the own sound of the particular person (the word person derived from the Latin word personare, meaning sound going through).

“Experience deep feeling of relaxation, harmony and peace by simply listening to yourself. Your selfhealing-power is switched on from the very instant you start to listen to the music of your heart.

And even more, by doing so you create your own meditation music”



With Sound of Soul it is possible to translate the body´s own vibrations into sound, light and colour.


The effect of listening and experiencing your own being in the Here and Now helps to let go of inner fears and worries. 

It supports the body to activate self-regulating powers in the best possible manner.

The result is deep relaxation and enjoyment of your inner beauty.


  • Ease of falling asleep and sleeping through the night
  • Emotional Detoxification
  • Prevents burnout
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Helps in overcoming depressions
  • Helps with learning disabilities
  • Support of any medical therapy (somatic and psychosomatic)
  • Improves relationships
  • Release of internal tensions and fears
  • Strengthening inner peace and balance
  • Release of regulatory blockages
  • Premature babies development through listening to mother's music
  • Relaxation during pregnancy
  • Activation of self-healing powers
  • Positively supports any known relaxation method
  • Improvement of concentration and creativity
  • Support in the “process of letting go”
  • Support for vegetative state patients
  • Learning to be in the here and now

Unique in Cyprus

Experience With…

Heart Music - Only for you

You are connected to Sound of Soul and you experience your sound and colour lights based on your heartbeat.
The “music” is played by you.
You can individually choose the instruments you want being played.

Heart Harmonic - Two people together
You are connected with a second person simultaneously and hear you play together.
You become aware of your common melody.
Relationships improve on a profound level.
Parents-children; mother–baby; father-baby;
Employee – employer; double-team sports

What people are saying….

It's as if the emotional waste caused by our everyday life dissolves into music....

Many years ago I got to know SOUND OF SOUL through Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, the inventor of the ingenious healing system. Honestly, the “body’s own” music arising from the heart rate variability was the most touching thing I had experienced up to that point.
Since then I have experienced several sessions with SOUND OF SOUL in Maria Mierl’s practice. These sessions are not only touching, one feels led back to the innocence of the inner child. ….

Marianne Lechner, Kempten/Germany

Finally, I can sleep, after + 30 years of extreme sleeping problems! ...

I, in my mid-60s, have certainly had extreme sleep problems, falling asleep, staying asleep and sleeping out for 30 – 35 years. Yes, I was really afraid of the night and often did everything to not have to sleep, out of this stress. I often only went to sleep at two o’clock, so that the extreme fatigue let me sleep at least a few hours. 2 years ago Maria asked me, “don’t you even want to try Sound of Soul, that might help you”.

Well, I said, it doesn’t hurt, let’s try it. She attached the Sound of Soul to me with the intention of sleeping well, made the recording, about 45 minutes and sent me the music on my mobile phone.

I listened to it maybe five or six times over the next few days. Then, I was in bed I realized that I was lying there like a baby, happy to be able to sleep, lying in this joyful feeling for a few minutes and… I was gone. I slept so well, so deeply and for as long as I haven’t slept in ages.

Gerhard Schneider, Maroni Cyprus

Immense inner restlessness and stress. Dealing with great loss and letting go ...

1.5 years ago I left Germany for Cyprus. The house sale, the preparation for emigration or immigration and of course the previous stress due to self-employment and personal losses brought me into almost panicked stress.

From Maria I learned about Sound of Soul. And it was like a miracle, this music made me so much calmer. I don’t want to miss it anymore. When there is a rush here and there then I listen to it again and it does me so incredibly well.

Gabriele Wütscher, Argaka Cyprus

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