sound of soul cyprus maria mierl

The principle of Sound of Soul is that the body

is its own best healer, given the  opportunity

to be in  the right unison with itself and its

surroundings in the right environment.

Therapy with frequencies is one of my great passions. The work and the success rate with children or children – parents relationship may be one of the greatest highlights.

Changes can occur after one or few appointments

Children need our attention

Burnout is almost common in this intense time. Sometims burnout ocures because people lost their contact to the soul, sometimes they get burnout because they get lost in the erverydays stress.
Sound of soul bears wonders.
Great way to end burn-out

Partnership can be great. Partnership can be weary and needs sometimes a refreshment. Refreshment on the basic of heart
frequencies is a glorious level. Amazing changes can be seen and many happier couples life a good life together.
Partnership refreshing